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Accountancy Student Organization (ASO)

The mission of the Accountancy Student Organization is to provide an environment that allows for the development of skills necessary for a career in accounting, to provide a forum for students to network with accounting professionals, accounting

Active Minds

- A liaison between students, administration, and the mental health community. -

Admin Council

Student Affairs Administrative Council ("Admin Council")

African Voice (AV)

African Voice was created to provide a discussion platform for Africa-related issues and create an opportunity for immersion in African heritage.

Allied Security Counter-Intelligence Initiative (ASCII)

(ASCII) Allied Security Counter-Intelligence Initiative: Our mission is to introduce and reinforce computer and network concepts and to openly accept and encourage the personal growth and development of interpersonal relations between members.

Alpha Omega

The purpose of the club Alpha Omega is to provide GGC students with opportunities to learn about the Bible and the life and teaching of Jesus Christ and his disciples set forth in the New Testament.

Alpha Phi Sigma (Nu Alpha)

Nu Alpha is the Georgia Gwinnett College Chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma, the National Criminal Justice Honor Society.

Amnesty International Student Chapter

We are an organization of students focused on human rights. Through campaigns and events, we strive to educate our fellow students and tackle the difficult issues. We are open to anyone of any major who wants to help make a difference.

Asian Student Association (ASA)

The goal of the Asian Student Association is promote and provide for the social welfare of its members, with a focus on presenting Asian culture to students at Georgia Gwinnett College. It will function as an educational and cultural learning experience.

Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP)

The mission of AITP is to develop a better understanding of the nature and functions of IT, and to provide a forum for students to network with IT professionals, faculty and other students, and to provide opportunities to enhance professional skills.

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