Parent Organization: Office of Student Involvement & the Student Center


The mission of the AITP student chapter is to develop a better understanding of the nature and functions of information technology, to foster among students a better understanding of the role of information technology in an organization, to provide a forum for students to network with information technology professionals, IT faculty and other students, and to provide opportunities to enhance professional skills.



Why Join AITP?

  • AITP has been around awhile, since 1952:
    • Access to seasoned professionals
  • AITP has a large and diverse membership
    • CIOs /Executive IT leaders
    • Middle managers
    • Non-management professionals
    • Students majoring in the IT field
  • AITP provides local chapters that provide:
    • Face to face networking
    • Education programs
    • Career opportunities
    • Community involvement
  • AITP offers national and regional resources:
    • Publications
    • Conferences
    • Career Resources
    • Education and training programs
  • Meet Peop le Working in Your Field of Interest
  • Learn About Job or Internship Openings
  • Understand Trends in the Field
  • Polish Your Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Prove Your Future Career Really Matters to You
  • Stay Connected!
  • Access to Professional Members - your valuable resource
  • Networking with other IT professionals - learning the business “ropes”
  • Internship Opportunities - from “campus to real world”
  • Special Events - Collegiate Conferences
  • Care er Connections - Path your career
  • Peer to Peer Networking - Student Chapters nationwide
  • Leadership Opportunities - Student Leadership Council
  • Scholarships
  • Interim Membership (from student to professional)


How To Join

  1. Fill out and submit the your application to the NATIONAL AITP organization by going to  https://aitp.site-ym.com/general/register_member_type.asp.  Scroll down, select STUDENT, and then follow the instructions.
  2. Login into the GGC GetInvolved Clubs website (using your Desire2Learn information), then click the Join Organization button found on the AITP home page.

Standing Meeting Time (Day of Week):

First Tuesday of every month

Standing Meeting Time:

2:00 PM - 3:15 PM

Address 1000 University Center Lane
Lawrenceville, GA 30043
United States
Phone Number P:(678) 656-2126